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Strategy and Sales for the Tradie

Tradies: Their Partners say no more to bookkeeping
Working 12 - 15 hours days and our tradies are burnt out.

Tired of working long hours with little reward? Looking for a solution that increases your bottom line? Well we have you covered!!

Mia Van Tubbergh, International Sales Strategist and Optimisation Specialist has partnered up with Lindsay King, Business Strategist to deliver a program designed to help tradies create a profitable business.  With Lindsay’s keen eye to business strategy and Mia’s no-nonsense, easy to understand sales training there is no doubt you will start to see an increase in your bottom line and, more importantly a better way of managing your time. 


Mia Van Tubbergh
Sales Optimisation Leader and Sales Coach | DISC Accredited | Radio Presenter
Lindsay King
Business Strategist | Rejuvinating your Money Model| Growing Cash & Profits