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Disruptive Marketing – It’s much easier than you think

An image says a thousand words

I have been sabotaged! Curse you East Coast Juice


I currently hold the gold medal for fastest grocery shopper. I know where everything is, have my list well planned and execut it with military precision.

In my quest to maintain my status as Gold Medallist Grocery Shopper, 3 weeks ago I was hit by what I like to call interception marketing or disruptive marketing which slowed me down and broke my winning streak of 15 min per shop.

Over the last six weeks, the Sales Development Manager of East Coast Juice, Samuel Lentini, diligently and cleverly executed the following three key step campaign via LinkedIn.

📌Created Awareness – I had no idea who East Coast Juice was before and where to buy their product. I do now.

📌 Be Relevant – We all want to ensure sustainability for the future, but make it easier for us. It became clear very early that one of their principles is sustainability

📌 Curiosity – The packaging, the images and posts made me curious enough to stop, look and put it in the trolley.

Now while this campaign doesn’t have all the traits of disruptive marketing, the subtlety of it was enough to intercept my actions, change my buying behaviours and increase my shop time by an additional 7 minutes.

By default I have become a “brand ambassador” for a product that six weeks ago I had never heard of.

Marketing Strategies don’t need to be expensive and time consuming. They need to tick the boxes of the consumer and the consumers needs.

What is your Sales and Marketing team doing every day to create a consumer sales force?

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