Mia Van Tubbergh

Grow The Business

The PowerUP Show powered up on Alive 90.5FM and is now Grow The Business.

Over the last year Alive 90.5Fm has been the host to the Popular business show, The PowerUp show: Taking your business to the next level with Sales Expert, Mia Van Tubbergh and HR Guru, Paul Cripps. The show started in February 2019 on a Tuesday at noon, however as the reputation and listenership base started to grow the requests came in to move the show to an evening. In August 2019 The PowerUp
LinkedIn Ninja

The LinkedIn Ninja Down Under becomes the #1 Rockstar worldwide

We're back for the new year and we have our fabulous long term regular guest Her Royal Highness Jillian Bullock on the phone. Although, we have promoted our Ninja who is now no longer just the #1 LinkedIn Trainer and Ninja in Australasia but has recently been announced for January as the #1 LinkedIn Rockstar on Linkedin across the globe.