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Is your Website Located in Google’s Cemetary? 3 Hints on how to Move your Website from the Dead Centre of Town.

“Spending a lot of money and time on a website is the equivalent of building your house on a deserted Island. It’s only when you invest in the infrastructure to get tourists to the island do you start seeing a return on your investment,”

Says Connie Mottshaw from Online SpiderWeb on the PowerUp Business Show on Tuesday.

Breaking down the first page of a Google search, Connie highlights three main sections.

💳 Google Ads The first three spaces on your search is normally dedicated to Google Ads. Google Ads is effective if done correctly, however, if done badly it becomes a very expensive mistake.

Many business owners don’t invest the time and energy in identifying the correct words when investing in Google Ads and see little to no return on their investment.

Hint: Find what words is your target market looking for? Not what words you are looking for. Only pay for those words and then work on ranking for them organically.

💳 Google Map Pack The next section many of us see when we do a search is a map pack. This gives us an indication of how close the service is to us. Research suggests that 75% of people searching for your service will visit or contact you via what is seen on the map pack.

In fact very few of us will go past the map pack as we have options to call directly from the map pack when we search on a mobile phone as well as hit the directions button. Talk about convenient.

And don’t discount the star rating in a map pack. This is a powerful tool and you should always ask clients to give you a rating.

Hint: Make sure you register your address with Google. Look for additional listing sights – Connie gave a few options in her interview – and ensure you list on all of them. The more social proof you have, including ratings, the more likely you will be ranked in the map pack.

💳 Google Organic Search Can you see now how you have very little space here for organic searches to show up?

Hint: Make sure that you are keeping your content up to date. Be sure to be adding something to website weekly. YouTube video’s with hints and tips is a great way to enhance your site.

Now that you understand how a Google search works, listen to the Podcast and don’t forget to catch the PowerUP Show, every Tuesday at 12pm on Alive 90.5FM where Mia Van Tubbergh and Paul Cripps will ask you “How can they take your business to the next level?”