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Pipeline Empty? Business going under? Invest in your community and your community will invest in you!

Pipeline empty and Google Ads no longer working? It’s time to change your marketing strategy.

Marketing is a wild beast to tame and when you start a business and are looking to advertise, it is easy to get sucked into the noise of social media, Ad words and SEO.  

Don’t get me wrong, all these elements are important – when implemented together. When you are starting a business however your funds are limited which means you only look at one advertising option.

The question you need to ask yourself is “should I have all my eggs in one basket?” 

… Silo marketing can work to a degree and it will give you short term gains and wins, but overall it doesn’t necessarily give you the long term gains you want

Tiz Porreca – Amongst

When opening a business like a plumber, electrician, or shop, or even a real estate agency, look to dominate your local market first. Create connections with the community so that the community get to know you as an individual. We all know the saying “people buy from those they know, like and trust” so it’s time that small business owners start investing back into their community and the community will invest in you.

The sausage sizzle at your local sports team will pay you back 5x more than any google ads

3 ways to turn $5,000 into a successful business by growing your community

1. Approach a local sports club, community group or charity and become a sponsor.

Many of us don’t think that there is any value in supporting our local community in the form of sponsorship and the truth is you are right.

The current sponsorship format offered by local groups is not conducive to growing a business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a conversation around what you are looking for.  

Understand that your responsibility doesn’t end when you hand over the cheque.  That is where your journey begins.

So why not offer your local club $2,500 and ask if you and your team can run the sausage sizzle at one of the sports grounds of a weekend.  

But that’s only $2,500, what about the rest?

2. Become a part of the community

Clubs are always short on volunteers for running the sausage sizzle so why not offer to take on this responsibility for the season at one of the grounds. Get branded with banners and even offer to make another donation in the form of either the bread, the sausages or both and ALL proceeds go to the club.

Start getting to know your community. Talk to them as they buy the mandatory sausage sizzle. Remember you are not selling – unless they ask of course – just be approachable, trustworthy and more importantly, be present.

Ask for Facebook Exposure on their page by reminding followers the sausage sizzle is on and some information about the game day – don’t sell. Your branding and colours are doing the job for you and in the next step you will see how this works.

Don’t turn up on the day with a clipboard asking for email addresses and phone numbers. People don’t like that and by association they won’t like you, your brand and your company.

Tiz Porreca – Amongst

3. Letterbox Drops, Facebook, Google Ads?

Remember the branding you have on sports day? Remember talking to people and getting to know them?

Subliminally your branding is sinking in with them and all you have done is be present and support the local community. Now they see your post on Facebook and they engage with it because they know you. A letterbox drop sees more people paying attention to what the message is because the relationship has been formed. Looking for a particular service and your ad pops up – they phone.

And now it all comes together. The short term strategy of direct advertising, followed by the mid-term strategy of community involvement allows for the long-term strategy of growing your business.

For more information on Marketing Strategies contact Tiz Porreca at Amongst

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