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Opensignal, Succession Planning, Private Chefs and Mental Toughness – What do they have in Common?

Is your download speed really as slow as you think?

Tonight on the PowerUp Show we spoke to Ian Fogg, VP Analysis at Opensignal. Many of us seem to notice a decrease in our download speed as the day progresses, and this is not our imagination as we are lead to believe. In fact, even with a sample of size of 100,000 consumers surveyed, it appears this is not proof enough for telco companies to admit there is a problem. We even got to the bottom of the age-old question “Where does Australia rate against the rest of the world with download speeds?”. Read the article that sparked the conversation here.

Vanessa Meikle, Director at Healthcare Professionals Group wrote an amazing article on LinkedIn – Succession Planning – Investing for the Future. We discussed how succession planning should be embedded in the very culture of an organisation and the impact on productivity and profitability when it is not.

We then slowed down the pace at dinner time and spoke to Jason Ludwig from Passion Ate the Chef about creating a more personalised dinner experience guaranteed to increase sales and client engagement. Oh but wait… what if you just bought your first home and your real estate agent gave you a house warming gift of a 5-star meal cooked in the comfort of your new home? Where do I sign up?

And to round off a wonderful evening of guests we finally debunked the myth around mental toughness by speaking to the mental toughness guru Lia Zalums from Zedaxias Leadership Consultants. Mental toughness is the foundation of success and while many of us believe that we are mentally tough, it would appear that we are more resilient than tough.

This is the first of a four-part series taking us through the importance of creating a leadership team that adopt the principals of mental toughness and what it brings not only to organisations but also to the individual

And to answer the question “What do they have in common?” Customer experience and reaction are the keys to a successful organisation but without employee engagement, you are doomed to fail anyway.

Listen to the full podcast below to catch up.