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Shopping Centres holding Job Fairs? And Commitment to Mental Toughness

It was a close call, Paul Cripps almost missed the show but I’m pleased to say that he got his daily cardio and ran into the station at the last minute. And so the show started with a bang.

The LinkedIn Ninja Down Under is talking about a new feature in Linkedin where Google Indexes your posts. Of course, Paul and I both glazed over at the beginning but we managed to understand the expert that is Jillian Bullock.

Did you hear about the Job Fair that happened in the Bankstown Shopping Centre? No, it’s not the start of a bad joke but the reality of what happened a few days ago. Imagine having over 1000 people engaged in your community looking for work within the retail environment? The Bankstown Shopping centre is doing just that, linking the community to business. Listen to Anthony Wilson and how the Job Show went.

And let’s not forget Lia Zalums, the Mental Toughness Guru. Tonight we spoke about setting goals and how important is it to actually achieve it, the distinction is very interesting.

Listen below now