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Grow The Business: Meet the People behind the People Edition

Conflict int he Workforce

We are all to familiar with the deep tones of our very on HR Strategist and Guru Paul Cripps, however what we don’t know about him is that through the work he does in business he sees an increase in not only the productivity of staff but also the profitability of the company as a whole.

As our listeners started sending in more and more questions about people and culture, Paul was excited about the idea of introducing a show that focused on this area specifically and called on Michelle Walker, leading Recruiter in the hills area.

I asked Michelle what the most important part of the people puzzle was in her view.

“Well, I think that the most important thing is that companies to actually set themselves up to actually be the right sort of employer. Because if you want to have, you know, if you want to have the best employees, you have to be the best employer. So you need to make sure that you’ve set everything up. So that you will attract choice people within your business.”

In agreeing with Michelle, Paul noted “too often you find businesses that are out there and they, you know, they are in the workforce, they’re trying to get the best people in. But if they’re not a quality employer themselves, that’s one of the things that leads to people becoming disenchanted and they will end up leaving the company, or they just become disconnected with the company. And I think that in a big thing that I find that the employees need to do is very much make sure they’re clear in terms of what the expectations are. But also then make sure that they make clear to their team members when they’re onboarded as well.”

Michelle and Paul went on to discuss the cost of a bad hire, coupled with bad culture and adding up to a minimum of 1-year lost wages over and above the recruitment cost.

Listen to the interview here

Meet Paul Cripps and Michelle Walker from Grow The Business: The People Edition

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