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Meet Grow The Business: The Entrepreneur Edition

Grow the Business: The Podcast

Many Entrepreneurs get disheartened by the lack of success.  Intuitively we know that it takes hard work and dedication but despite that results are slow.  Which is why Mia and David, Sales Strategists and experts started the Entrepreneur Edition of Grow The Business to understand what our leading Entrepreneurs faced to reach their success.

I spoke to Dave about some of the crazy ideas that people had that shouldn’t work on paper yet seem to work.

“That’s exactly right,” Dave commented, “absolutely what you are saying and, you know, it’s been fantastic talking to some some of those entrepreneurs. I think Steve Chapman, he’s, he’s one in particular who changed his whole sleeping regime. It was completely nuts. And that’s the kind of sacrifices these guys do.”

Dave then expanded on what the Entrepreneurial Edition for our listeners,

David McAuley

“So to me the I mean, I love talking to these entrepreneurs I mean it’s just for me it’s inspirational I’ve got a real out of it and then I you do to me up and I think the thing is for people, our listeners in a car on the way home there’s a lot of people who you know, go to work do the daily grind to the man and do all that kind of stuff and, and often thinking that there’s got to be something better to live on made more than this. And so were the Entrepreneurial Show from where I’m, where I say is it’s giving people like that the inspiration and the gumption to get up and go and do it because you only live once you only had one opportunity in life and you might as well have a crack and if you can hear success stories that yes, it’s hard, yes there is some, some real self doubt and and the life of the journey, it’s full. To say yes. That guy did it. Angie did it. Sam did it, Steve did it, Food Queens did it? Why can’t I do it?”

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