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The LinkedIn Ninja Down Under becomes the #1 Rockstar worldwide

LinkedIn Ninja

We’re back for the new year and we have our fabulous long term regular guest Her Royal Highness Jillian Bullock on the phone.  Although, we have promoted our Ninja who is now no longer just the #1 LinkedIn Trainer and Ninja in Australasia but has recently been announced for January as the #1 LinkedIn Rockstar on Linkedin across the globe.

“So there’s an American marketing person that also does LinkedIn training. And she puts a list together every month based on publicly known LinkedIn data and statistics. And she gets nominations all the times that people go oh, you know, my friend is a LinkedIn Rockstar, blah, blah, blah. And then she analyzes all of it. I don’t know how she has the time. But anyway. So she puts out a list of I think it’s top 50 every month so people do move around and they jostle and all that sort of things. And then other people, of course, don’t make the list at all. And so I’ve been on the list for about a year and I’m always between position 11 and then December was number 46,” Jillian was explaining.

Of course, Paul and I wanted to know why our precious Ninja dropped down to 46 as we know her to be the expert.

“Number 11 was in June, and I went from 24 and 18 and you know, just sort of ebbs and flows around. I’m glad to hear it. Oh my gosh. Anyhow, so I decided that I wanted to break the top five. And I know the criteria that she looked for and you know, different bits and pieces. So I thought okay, so in January, I made a ditch effort to get in the top five, so that I could add that to my LinkedIn profile that I’ve actually made higher than 11th. And, and then she messaged me on LinkedIn, because you’re not gonna believe it. You’re actually number one. You’re the first one in Australia that’s actually my number one.”

From our side, the show wanted to know what it means to be the #1 Rockstar in LinkedIn.

“I guess it depends on how much I leverage it. But it certainly is, you know, it’s developed a heck of a lot of connection requests and some businesses coming already.”

Jillian goes on to say “But, but it’s also, I like to know that I’m proving it to myself. You know, I’ve been doing this 12 years now. And it’s kind of sometimes you, you get a bit blazah I actually can step it up a notch and do something.”

It turns out that there are a thousand LinkedIn Users wanting to be the #1 Rockstar and therefore the criteria is very strict and precise.

Listen to the full interview here now.