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The PowerUP Show powered up on Alive 90.5FM and is now Grow The Business.

Grow The Business

Meet the new team and find out how they can help you every Thursday at 6pm.

Grow The Business on Alive 90.5FM

Over the last year Alive 90.5Fm has been the host to the Popular business show, The PowerUp show: Taking your business to the next level with Sales Expert, Mia Van Tubbergh and HR Guru, Paul Cripps.  The show started in February 2019 on a Tuesday at noon, however as the reputation and listenership base started to grow the requests came in to move the show to an evening.  In August 2019 The PowerUp Show moved to a Thursday evening at 6pm and this is when the real magic started to happen.

As the text line started to blow up around various topics, and the emails started coming in, the PowerUp Show started to change and adapt to what the listeners wanted to hear. 

LinkedIn Ninja
LinkedIn Ninja on Alive 90.5FM

The No1 LinkedIn trainer in Australasia and the only LinkedIn Ninja recognized in the area, Jillian Bullock became a regular feature on the show and has quickly become one of the most popular segments of the show, with listeners engaging and learning more about LinkedIn and what a powerful tool it is.

David McAuley
David McAuley

Our next regular feature was introduced when one of listeners asked us for help in their business journey, feeling dejected that things weren’t happening for him. That was when high level retail Business Strategist David McAuley joined the show, and with Mia started interviewing business owners about their journey from concept to implementation and finally success.  This show has been so well received that Mia and David introduced the Entrepreneur Edition and as of 2020 will be a regular fortnightly feature.

Michelle Walker
Katz Recruitement

As the year started coming to a close Paul was inundated with questions around people management and very quickly it became clear that business owners listening to the show were sharing similar frustrations around employees so in 2020, a new Co-Host, Michelle Walker of Katz Recruitment and leading recruiter in Western Sydney signed up in the new People Edition where Paul and herself will talk everything people and culture.

Alison Walton
Number 1 Money Mentor in Western Sydney

And let’s not forget finances.  The amount of questions Mia and Paul received around finances was overwhelming.  While Paul acknowledged that he had some insight into business finances, Mia was quite vocal around the fact that the only organisation hiring her to run the finances was the Mafia as this was not her strength and was in no way getting involved in the conversation. But the questions couldn’t be ignored, so the Number 1 Money Mentor in Western Sydney, Alison Walton from Every Day Money Solutions signed up to join the show and in 2020 the Finance Edition will take off with monthly discussions around money management. 

So that’s it, Grow the Business has all your business experts in one place, and we look forward to driving you home every Thursday at 6pm.

Grow The Business is now on all your favourite streaming apps so make sure you subscribe through Spotify, Apple Podcast or Google play.