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New Features on LinkedIn plus is Love in the Air?

Falling In love with the LinkedIn Ninja

We all have our own little secrets and celebrity crushes, but for our very own Paul Cripps, he admitted that the LinkedIn Ninja was absolutely his. Of course the rest of the team couldn’t help themselves taking the mickey out of him while secretly agreeing that we were all “crushing” on her too.

But enough about that, we found out that LinkedIn had a new feature and were excited to hear what Jillian had to say

“There is a brand new feature. It was brand new three weeks ago when I was gonna mention it. So you’ve been able to save articles like long form articles for a long time, but you weren’t able to save a little post. So there’s a couple of reasons that you might want to use this one, you might be just be up to going through the tunnel with the city loop and go, I’ve got to get off the train, but I haven’t finished reading that article. Let me save that and go back to it later. Because you’ll never see it again in your feed. That might be one thing. Or another, which is what I use it for is like a reference point.”

Jillian also gave us a teaser for the next LinkedIn Local

“yeah, so the next one is the 29th of April on at Barangaroo again. And the tickets are actually on sale on Eventbrite. If you look up, LinkedIn, you’ll see me and this one is all about EQ and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show. would I lie to you in Britain at all? It’s a it’s a great show, of course so that it’s it’s we’ve got an E i special is coming in. And so she’s gonna tell us how to say if somebody’s lying or not.

Listen to the interview here

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