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The partners of our Tradies: We don’t want to do the books

Tradies: Their Partners say no more to bookkeeping

As we head into 2020 one of the biggest issues that come up on our text line is frustrated partners of Tradies who hate doing the books. Enter John MacGowan from Ashmac Bookkeeping who provided a lot of insight and information into how best to ensure your books are sorted and your family life is kept normal and sane.

John touched on cash flow, which was a huge topic on the text line. “So, to my tradie clients, yeah, cash flow is a very big problem that they face on a day to day basis. It’s just because they don’t have the systems that to set up, set up ready to manage properly. For example, your accounting systems, they generally have an app on your phone where you can directly invoice out on the spot instead of waiting for the end of the day. Get back into the office and then spend your night invoicing.
So I have found with many of my clients as well, that by the time the day is over, they don’t want to do that invoicing. So it sits in the intro, and it’s live sitting there for days and days and days. So what you’re saying is to actually download an app on your phone, which connects to your accounting software, and you can invoice on site and actually take time much on site as well.”

As the interview continued, our text line continued to go crazy. We finally got to a huge pain point and that was the partners of tradies were not equipped and trained to run their books and didn’t even want to do it.

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