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Sales Prospecting

Does Cold Calling Work?

As a sales strategist, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Does Cold Calling Work?”.
Well, the short answer is – Yes, cold calling works, and at the very core of it gives you limited results.
The long answer however is, 100% no, cold calling doesn’t work, but telephone prospecting does work.
Have I confused you yet? Ok let’s clear this up.

Discovery Calls

Often the discovery call is underestimated by salespeople and very seldom do teams put enough time and research into creating and making a great discovery call. In the greater scheme of the sales process, an effective discovery call plays an important, if not one of the most important roles in the entire process and that is creating a qualified pipeline. Poor, ineffective discovery calls have a knock-on effect. It creates a weak pipeline, wastes time and resources and, in nearly every case, shines a spotlight on a poor performing salesperson.