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The LinkedIn Ninja Vs Mental Toughness with a splash of Dazzle

Wow, another jam-packed show tonight on the PowerUp Show with myself and Paul Cripps. Not only do we have an amazing sponsor being Insight Intelligence, what about the new partnership with the only LinkedIn accredited Ninja in Australia?

Jillian Bullock, The LinkedIn Ninja Downunder joined us today to talk about new features in LinkedIn and how to grow your Company Profile.

Phillip Watson from IME Insurance brokers spoke to us in detail about cyber insurance and what that means. More and more our businesses are under attack and the truth of the matter is that very few businesses realise it is happening until it is too late. The cost of recovering your data can be in the $10,000’s if you don’t look after yourself and Phillip speaks us through this.

For those who know me, you know my pet peeve is the fact that sales teams don’t have a consistent message, or a message at all that is engaging, informative and accurate. Imagine my delight when I met up with Roy Kowarski from Out There Branding with the most amazing digital brochure. Not more lazy salesperson not doing their job, hello new opportunities to get in front of customers. I’ll have 50 thanks!

And then of course part 2 of our Mental Toughness series with Lia Zalums, Mental Toughness guru from Zedaxis. I don’t want to give away too much but the feedback we received from part 1 was phenomenal and overwhelming.

Listen to the PowerUp show here now