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Girls in STEM: How are we engaging them?

Tonight on the PowerUp Show Paul and I covered a number of topics but, let’s be honest, did we have to talk about the Ashes? From here on in Paul banned from everything English, which should prove to be a challenge considering he is from Essex.

We started the show with our wonderful LinkedIn Ninja Down Under, Jillian Bullock, talking us through Company Pages and how we engage and grow our page through hashtags. Can you say hashtag community? Once again she reminds us that if you want an expert to give you guidance and advise you need to get in the best and she is the best.

Oh WOW! And WOW! Let talk everything STEM and girls with Jenine Beekhuyzen. For some reason, there still seems to be a disconnect between girls moving into STEM and Jenine is working hard to rectify this issue. The repercussions of this not being dealt within the next 5 years are astounding given the future of society. We will also be setting up a series on women in STEM with Jenine so watch this space.

And then let’s not forget our Mental Toughness segment with Lia Zalums from Zedaxis. What does it mean to have control and where does it come from. After our previous episode on commitment, the framework of mental toughness is starting to highlight how all leaders should be working towards mental toughness.

As always a huge shout out to Insight Intelligence Group as the official sponsor of the PowerUp Show. Make sure to listen on how the team from Insight Intelligence stopped a huge Australian Corporate Company from employing a crooked CFO.

Listen to the PowerUp Show below.